At certain times of the day the vineyards shine like gold and this has given the winery its name.

The estate is on foothills of a mixture of rock and soil brought down from glaciers situated in a good sunny position.
Sitting at the heart of the Estate is the family farm and the winery that has grown up around it with areas for fermentation and storage.
Production at the Vigna Dorata farm bestows on all its wines the gift of attention to detail and love and care for the fruits of one’s own land.
The company should be seen as a small to medium winery that devotes itself to enhancing the concept of the Franciacorta terroir.
Cultivation of Chardonanay and pinot Nero started in 1980 when the family decided to dedicate itself to the word of wine and give up the mixed farming started at the beginning of the last century. The Vigna Dorata brand was created in 1995 when the company’s first bottle with secondary fermentation was officially produced.



Our company philosophy brings together tradition and innovation conscious that by appreciating our origins can we navigate toward the future. Refinement, persistence, structure, pleasantness and above all balance are the hallmarks of the company not only of the wines themselves.

Each bubble encapsulates the passion, the pride and the emotion of making excellent wine: a work of the hand and the heart.


Visit cellar

igna Dorata invites you to visit the vineyard and its production and storage facilities. We will be delighted to entertain you in the tasting room with a sampling of our best wines.

Groups or individual visitors are welcome during these opening times:

Monday to Saturday
9 to 12  a.m. and 2 to 6 p.m. (14 to 18)
10 to 12 a.m.

In order to better arrange welcoming visitors, we ask our guests to book the visit in advance.